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Hiring a business coach to attract more customers is like having a highly experienced partner in your business. Your coach provides personalized advice that can help you navigate the rough terrain of running a business. You’ll discover how to define goals, craft the best strategies for growth, or devise a plan for reviving a struggling brand if necessary. We’ll also help you get outside of your comfort zone, hold you accountable, and help drive your success. If you’d rather have us do all the heavy lifting for you, we can do that too. Choose the best option for your business with flat-fee pricing. This means no billing  surprises.

Results Driven Business Coaching and DFY Services

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Edison Guzman - Business Coach

Edison R. Guzman, LLC

The Customer Attraction Inner Circle is much more than a Mastermind. It’s much more than Business Coaching or Marketing Consulting. It’s a shortcut to getting your business thriving, if you’re looking to get to that next level. I’ll show you how to create a complete Road Map to accomplish your business Goals (step by step) and actionable tactics you can begin implementing on day 1. You’ll have full access to all the business resources necessary to meet your goals, and we’ll meet online LIVE once a week to discuss the best ways to get from where you are to where you want to be in business. Depending on your participation level, we can create and implement all strategies for you, ensuring maximum return on your investment.

Areas of Business Consulting Expertise

  • Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC Ad Management
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Website Design & Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Sales Funnel Strategist
  • Business Automation with SaaS
  • Business Building & Scaling
  • Human Buying Habits Specialist
  • Consumer Personality Profiling
  • Copywriting with NLP
  • Stealth Marketing Strategies
  • Branding & Re-Branding
  • Radio, TV, Cable, Direct Mail, Billboard

Here's a Taste of Edison's Business Advice

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DIY Group Coaching

$ 99
/ Monthly
  • Online LIVE group weekly coaching
  • Weekly recorded strategy session
  • Access to all recorded webinars
  • Access to business calculators
  • Unlimited questions answered by email
  • Results driven strategies
  • Access to all marketing checklists
  • Access to all SOP blueprints
  • Access to all motivational worksheets

DIY Personal Coaching

$ 2,500
/ Monthly
  • All features from Group Coaching
  • One hour weekly private sessions
  • Record all weekly private sessions
  • Answer questions via phone, text or video chat
  • Review all marketing material
  • Review all ad placements
  • Accountability Partner
  • Personality profile to overcome negative personality traits
  • Guide you in the fastest way to embrace success
  • We'll show you how to research your competition
  • We'll show you how to find the best market to target
  • We'll show you how to find out what your target market really wants
  • We'll show you the best day and time to send emails, advertise, and reach your target market for maximum exposure
  • This option is only available to 10 organizations per year. If order button below is inactive, it means no availability at this moment. If it's active, we highly recommend locking in now.
Best Option

Done For You

$ 5,000
/ Monthly
  • Yes, we create and implement the strategy for your business
  • Custom blueprint for your business
  • We create website, sales funnels, etc.
  • We implement the best SEO strategy
  • We set up and implement CRMs
  • We set up and decipher analytics
  • We design all branding material
  • We create and distribute press releases to hundreds of media outlets
  • We create, maintain and scale ad campaigns on targeted social media platforms
  • We create, maintain and scale ad campaigns on targeted search platforms
  • We recommend the ad budget and you control the expenses
  • We help create Joint Ventures if necessary
  • Ability for you to network with our network
  • We set up email marketing scripts, campaigns and follow up emails
  • We set up snail mail marketing campaigns if necessary
  • We train your sales team to increase closing rate
  • We design and implement your ecommerce platform if needed
  • We design and implement your affiliate software if needed
  • We help recruit your affiliates
  • We create Radio, TV, Cable, Direct Mail, Billboard ads as necessary
  • We'll profile you and staff to ascertain best use of skills within company
  • We'll create and implement NLP strategies to increase sales conversions
  • We'll research your competition and let you know what's working for them
  • We'll research your target market and tell you what they want most, so you can offer it to them for easier sales
  • This option is only available to 3 organizations per year. If order button below is inactive, it means no availability at this moment. If it's active, we highly recommend locking in now.

How We Do It

Whether it's group business coaching or one on one, using the latest technology makes it more effective than ever.

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Why We Do it

My passion and purpose is to see small business owners get the same resources and business strategies as large business.

In time, your small business will become big business.

Trust & Safety

Business and Digital Marketing experience since 1997 allows me to share insights, resources and strategies normally out of reach for most small business owners and entrepreneurs. Your goal for business growth, is my goal.

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Email the address below or call directly at (845) 940-5369. All your questions will be answered if you're on the fence about joining the Inner Circle, or need a free marketing consultation.